How to Register in mAadhaar App, Generate E Adhaar

By | March 27, 2020

M Aadhar Application is Provided by UIDAI for Generating E-Aadhaar at your Phone. Now you can Keep you Adhaar in your phone with secured manner.To know How to Register in mAadhaar App Scroll down.

Yoc access many things in mAadhaar App like virtual Card, E-kyc, Online Address Update, Status of Any Correction on Aadhar and also you can see the Status of Aadhar Card linking with Bank Account.

How to Register in mAadhaar App ?

Step 1

  1. Visit to Download App for Free.

2. On the Top of the Search Box, Type MAadhaar and Click on the Search Botton.

3. Select the MAadhaar UIDAI App and Click on “Install” button to Download the App on your Smartphone.

4. Once the App is Downloaded on your Phone, Open It.


  1. After opening the app Allow all the Section and press continue.
  2. After Pressing the Continue it asks to enter the Mobile Number for OTP , Enter the Number and Press Enter.
  3. The OTP will Accepted Automatically and Press Continue.
  4. Now the Page will open You need to Enter a 4 Digit Passward.
  5. Re-enter the Password.
  6. Now Create New Profile by Providing your Aadhar Number OR you can Also Choose to Scan the Barcode given on the Aadhar Card instead of Typing the Numbers.

Step 3

Once you Enter the Number OR Scan the Barcode Click on the “Verify” button, At the bottom of the Screen and Don’t Nevigate away the page or switching the Screen for some Time.

Step 4

If the Details are Provided by you is match you will Automatically Receive the OTP on your Registered Mobile Number.

Step 5

1. The App is Designed in Such a Way that its Automatically Accept the OTP.

2. After OTP is You will Redirect the new Page.

Step 6

Now you will see your Aadhar Profile Which Includes Your Name, Gender Registered Number, Residential Address and Other Information.

See you Aadhaar Profile

In the Above Section you saw how to Register in mAadhaar App.

Some FAQ About mAadhaar :

Q. 1) Where the mAadhaar Used ?

Answer- mAdhaar is accepted as proof of identity for undertaking journey in any reserved class in Indian Railway. For more details view the Circular released by the Indian Railways.

Q.2) Is mAadhaar available for IOS Device ?

Answer- Yes

Q.3) Does mAadhaar work on rooted device ?

Answer- No

Q.4) It’s Compulsory to have Registered Mobile Number to use mAadhaar ?

Answer- Yes.

Q.5) How many profile we can Make On a single device?

Answer- You can make Only 3 Profile on Single device.

Q.6) What is eKyc ? How it the use of eKyc?

Answer- Electronic Know your Client or eKyc is the way of resident authentication. Used by many organisations like banks, Aadhar allow the people to submit itbas an address proof.

Q.7) How to share eKyc ?

Answer- you can share your Aadhar Card E-kyc as followed

  • Open your mAadhaar profile.
  • Click on the top RHS Corner.
  • Select on Share eKyc, Pop-up will appear re Enter Password.
  • Select one share option from the available given ( Gmail, Blutooth, Share it, Whatsapp, Massage etc.)

Q.8) How to Share QR- Code ?

Answer- You can share your QR-Code of Aadhaar Profile by following given method :

  • Open your Profile.
  • Click on the top RHS Corner.
  • Select Show QR- Code.
  • A Pop-up to re-enter Password will appear if the profile is password protected.
  • QR-Code will be displayed.
  • Select the sharing option from the available options ( Gmail, Share it, Whatsapp, Massage, Blutooth, Skype, xender, Facebook etc)