Top Private Engineering College of India in 2020

By | May 3, 2020

Top Private Engineering College of India: India there are lakhs of students Pursuing there Bachelor Degree in Engineering Every Year and on the Other side the Same amount of students take Admissions on Various Colleges and Universities for Bachelor Engineering ( B.E) or Bachelor of Technology ( B. Tech). All Students have to wish for taking Addmission on IITs, NIITs, and State government Colleges for Engineering which provides quality Education and Good Placement. But All the Students may not have to take Admissions on respective Institutes due to less marks on Entrance Exam.

So, Along with IITs, NIITs, and some state government colleges there are Some Top Private Engineering Colleges in India that are doing very well. Those who Provides good facilities with quality Education and high Package Placements Options. By joining, you can also take your career to a new height. Here we are Providing list of some Top Private Engineering Colleges in India.

Top Private Engineering College of India

National Institutional Ranking Framework

NIRF which comes under MHRD has published the Ranking of Top 100 Engineering Colleges in 2020. On the basis of Following perameters –

  • how are the Academics, faculty, and infrastructure?
  • how they are doing in research and which college is on the top for average placement package.
  • Overall, how is their performance.
  • We are selected the Top 10 Private colleges in India for Engineering on the basis of NIRF Ranking.

BITS Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology Science) Rajasthan

BITS Pilani
  • NIRF rank is 25.
  • This college, formed in 1964 in 328 acres, is India’s oldest and reputed private engineering college.
  • It is a UGC approved university.
  • Total engineering students are 8870.
  • The average package of BITS Pilani was the best among all the private engineering colleges with 11 Lakhs Per Annoum.
  • Official Website of BITS :

BITS Pilani Fees Structure :

Admission Fee of BITS Pilani : 39,800/-

SemesterSem/Term FeesHostel Fee ( for on-campus study only)Mess & Electricity Advance (Payable at beginning of each sem and adjustable at the end of the summer)Other Advance (Payable at beginning of each sem and adjustable at the end of the summer)
1st Sem1,78,00012,90010,00012,000
2nd Sem1,78,00012,90010,00012,000
Summer term (if Registered)62,3006,4505,000
  • Student Union Fees (Annual) : 450/-
  • Student Aid Fund (Annual) : 225/-
  • Institute Caution Deposit : 3000/-


  • You need to give BITSAT Exam Conducted by bits Pilani to take Admission in BITS.

VIT ( Vellore institute of technology) TamilNadu

Vit Vellore
  • VIT Vellore was established in Tamil Nadu in 1884 in 250 acres.
  • This college is UGC approved.
  • NIRF rank of the college is 18.
  • Along with IITs and NIITs. About 20 other country students also study in this world class college.
  • The college has 20936 engineering students.
  • The Average package of VIT Vellore is 6 Lakh Per Annoum.

VIT Vellore Fees Structure

  • The Fee of VIT Vellore is 1,95,000 ₹ Per Year.


  • You need to give VITEEE Entrance Exam for Admission in VIT Vellore.

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala

  • The campus size is 250 acres.
  • The college is UGC approved, and its NIRF ranking is 23.
  • The total engineering students are 5500.
  • The Average Package of Thapar is 9 lakh per annum.

Fees of Thapar Institute

  • The Yearly tution fees of Thapar Institute is 1,77,000 ₹ ( including other charges)

Exam : JEE Mains

  • To take Addmission in Thapar you need to give Jee mains entrance exam.

BIT Mesra ( Birla Institute of Technology ) Ranchi

Bit ranchi
  • Bit Ranchi is made in 980 acres in Jharkhand.
  • Established in 1955, the college is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India.
  • This college is UGC approved, and has a NIRF ranking of 31.
  • There are a total of 2500 engineering students in the college.
  • The Average package of BIT mesra, Ranchi is 7 Lakh Per Annoum.

BIT Ranchi Fees Structure


Exam : Jee mains

  • You need to give JEE mains Exam to take Admission.

RV College of Engineering, Bangalore

RV College
  • RV College Of Engineering is established in 1963 and have in 56 acres.
  • It is UGC Approved and have NIRF Ranking 63.
  • The Average Package of RV College is 6.5 LPA.

Fee Structure of RV College

RV College Fee


  • You need to give COMEDK Exam to take Admission.

MS Ramaiah Institute, Bangalore

Ramaiah Institute
  • Ramaiah Institute of technology is established in 1962, in Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • The Institute is UGC Approved and NIRF Ranking of 64.
  • The Average Package of Ramaiah is 6.5 lakh per annum.

Fee of Ramaiah

Fee Structure of Ramaiah Institute

Exam : COMED / KEA

  • The Exam for Taking Addmission in Ramaiah Institute is comed/kea.

DA-IICT ( Dhiru bhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology) Gujarat

  • DA-IICT is established in 2001 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • The NIRF Ranking is 91.
  • The Average Package of DA-IICT is 8 LPA.

Fee of DA-IICT

Fee Structure of DA-IICT


  • The exam is taken for Admission in Dhiru bhai Ambani Institute is DA-IICT.

Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka

  • This college was built in Manipal Karnataka in 1957 Which is made in 162 acres.
  • This college is approved by the UGC and NIRF Ranking is 43.
  • And it currently has 7700 engineering students.
  • Avarage Package of Manipal institute is 5.5 LPA.

Fee of Manipal Institute

Exam : MUOET

  • The Exam for taking Addmission in Manipal is MU OET.

PSG College of Technology, Tamilnadu

  • The PSG College is Established in 1951 in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
  • This is in the Oldest Colleges of India.
  • The College is UGC Approved and NIRF Ranking of the college is 44.
  • The Average Package of the PSG is 5 Lakh Per Annoum.

Fees of PSG College

  • The Fee of PSG College for 4 years is 2,29,00/-

Exam : jee mains

  • If you want to take Admission in PSG then you need to give Jee mains exam.

Kalinga Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar

Kalinga Institute
  • Kalinga Institute of Technology is established in 1992 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  • This Institute is made in 700 acres.
  • The NIRF Ranking of the Kalinga Institute is 48.
  • The Average Package of Kalinga is 5 LPA.

Fee of Kalinga Institute

  • The fee of Kalinga Institute is 75000/- per year.


  • The entrance exam for Kalinga Institute is KIITEE.

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT Pune)

MIT Pune
  • The MIT Pune is Established in 1983.
  • The NIRF Ranking of MIT is 94.
  • The Avarage Package of MIT is 4 LPA.

Fee of MIT

  • The MIT Pune Fee is 11,80,000 for 4 years.

Exam : MH-CET

  • The Entrance Exam for MIT Pune is MH-CET.

hope that will be able to give you basic but important information about the Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges in India. you are going to take admission in a private engineering college.