Top 10 Freelancing Sites 2020-21 | Work From Home Remote Jobs to Generate Passive Income

By | December 20, 2020

Top10 Best Freelancing Sites 2020-21 | Work From Home Remote Jobs : Hello everyone, although there are tonnes of method to earn money on the internet, but the way we are going to discuss today is a unique way among all of them. We have to struggle a lot to finding the best and legit ways to earn money online. The 2 most popular method for make money online is YouTube Channel and Blogging but such as earning money from blogging and YouTube is not so easy as its look like, It takes both time, effort and patience after a long time the results will come and your earnings will starts.

If anyone asks if there is any way through which we can make money from the internet quickly, that is Freelancing. You can earn money online at home by freelancing.

And now you must be thinking what is Freelancing ?
Freelancing means earning money in exchange for a skill for third party Or In other words Freelancing is a contract based service.

What types of services come in freelancing ?
Now let us tell you that a lot of work or service comes under Normally Freelancing, but we are only telling about those works which are very popular and used by people in India.

  • Content Writing (English | Hindi)
  • Content Optimizing
  • Web development
  • Web designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Graphics Designing
  • Video Designing
  • UI / UX Designing
  • Accounting Services
  • Marketing Services (Online marketing)

Work From Home Remote Jobs 2021

There are many popular websites on the web that provide freelancing services called Freelance Marketplace. You can start freelancing work by registering on any of these. The recruiters on these websites are called customers and people who complete these tasks are called Freelancer.

What are the best freelancing portals in India?
Top freelancing sites in India : Below is that the description of India’s Best Freelancing sites.

1. Freelance India

Freelance India is one among the highest freelancing sites in India. On this website you will find many types of work. All you would like to understand is how this website works. You just need to sign-up here. According to your work, you can take both free and Paid membership here. This is best for Work From Home Remote Jobs to earning in 2021.
This is one among the oldest sites, here you’ll get all types of projects and individual work if you get any work. So here you will be charged according to your task .The Price for per hour starts from 5$ and goes up to 100$ per hours. Today, millions of people are earn money using this website.

2. Rozgaar India

Rozgaar India is leading marketing channel for the freelancers who wants to make career as a freelancer. It’s very unique and new Platform for freelancing work. Here Hundreds of work like Graphics Design, Content Writing, Lifestyle, Personal Training, Website Development etc. available for the Freelancers. In Rozgaar India you can register yourself as a Freelancer or you can Hire the Freelancers for your Project’s. Rozgaar India’s Interface is very simple and easy to use with flexibility on work experience. Freelancers using this platform enjoy access to quality clients and secure and timely payments while enjoying the liberty to run their own businesses, create their own schedules, and work from home. In Rozgaar India there is no hidden Service Charges you need to pay only one time membership fee of ₹99 then you can create multiple works on Rozgaar India Portal. You can access Rozgaar India in your Phone by downloading the Android or IOS Application or you can use web browser.

3. Upwork

Upwork may be a freelancing portal where you’ll start your own business and choose your customer. On this website, all you would like to try to to is sign-up and make your profile. After that, find work according to yourself. Maybe because of your good work, clients who use Upwork can also offer you work.
It is not the oldest but in today’s time is the best freelancing site for any company or individual. Many companies in India are running only due to upWork. Here you’ll get all types of labor like App development, website designing, Work From Home Remote Jobs, content writing, paid advertising and SEO.

4. Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the best freelancing sites in India that provides good paying jobs. Various tasks like web designing, programming , marketing, logo designing, copy writing and lots of more are given during this website. The Truelancer website is designed in such a way that Freelancer gets paid on time, they also try their best for 100% customer satisfaction.
If you would like small projects and need fast, you’ll create an account on Truelancer. This website is hottest for Indian project and lots of of the tasks of content writing and website designing are easily found here.

5. Guru

The Guru Comwebsite is a network of a few people who focus on freelance assignment. You can get a job at the place where you live by making your assignment on this website. Using the ‘work room’ given on the web site , you’ll keep everything on target and help one another easily. Guru provides you all types of facilities for selecting your work, interacting with customers, sharing files and payment.

6. 99designs

99designs is one of Freelancing’s oldest websites. This website provides excellent contents while retaining the credibility of the clients. From here, you can get information or assignment of business logos, book cover, digital advertising banner, graphic design and designing related tasks. Working as a freelancer at 99designs is like participating during a competition. You will get money only you submit your work by fulfilling the given criteria and when it’s selected. In 99designs you can find the Work From Home Remote Jobs for generation of Passive Income.


Fiverr is a most popular Freelancing site for Freelancers of all over world. It is offering hundreds of digital services including graphic design, copywriting, editing, seo, web devlopment, copy paste work any many more.
For doing a work on fiverr you need to create a Gig as per your skills.Gig create means, you are doing it for people, then client, automatically searches for you and contact you.


Freelancer was previously called GetAFreelancer. It is a freelance job board that offers more than 50 plus different types of jobs for freelancers. These jobs include IT, Writing, seo, lifestyle, programming, designing and more. If you furthermore may have such a skill then freelancer can assist you find a client for you. Freelancers are an excellent platform for writers because here you’ll also find clients who need quite 500 articles.


WorknHire is our next Freelancing site for Work From Home Remote Jobs the specialty of this website is that there are a good number of Indian clients here. Here you can work like programming, copywriting, data entry, logo graphic design. The most important thing on this website is that you can easily find clients near you here

10. Ureed

Ureed is the new Freelancing site for the Freelancers it’s same as a Fiverr here you are creating your gig as per your skills and set your Price for your order.

So these are the top 10 websites to start freelancing. Hope you find this list of our Top 10 Best Freelancing sites 2020 nice and useful. In above article we are trying to giving the fulll information of Work From Home Remote Jobs in 2021.